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Welcome to Pilgrims of March

For those who do not know us, we have been a partner of Ford Motor Co for over 65 years. The general differences between a franchise service and repair operation and an independent is not always money. But usually mandatory annual training for all vehicle technicians to keep up with growing technology’s and fault finding. technical support from a global company. tooling and manufacturers exacting standards. All our technicians attend Ford Daventry for training on Ford products every year. Because we sell a wide variety of used vehicles we are accustomed to servicing and fault finding on a wide variety of other vehicles too, including commercial vehicles.

We are proud that 85% of our used vehicles are the cheapest within a 100 mile radius of us on the popular Autotrader website, but also our quality is hard to beat. We are making every effort to ensure good old fashioned service is provided in this most modern world. Such as thanking our customers for their business, being transparent at all times and giving clear explanations of the work that we have carried out for you from both our sales and service operations.
If you have taken the time to check out our vehicle prices and some of our service offers, you’ll now know that we are “Cheaper than you might think”.